A WaterJet cutter is capable of cutting through metal and other solid materials using a combination of a very high powered water stream and an abrasive substance, creating an erosion-like effect. Our WaterJet cutter utilizes garnet as its abrasive substance to cut through almost any solid material to form a variety of machine parts.

About the WaterJet

An order that would normally take multiple days to form with any other combination of CNC machines can be quickly done by our WaterJet in as little as a few hours. With the capability to carve through up to 5 or 6 inches of various kinds of steel and other exotic metals, our WaterJet is an extremely fast, efficient, and accurate piece of machinery.


Our Maxiem 1530 WaterJet is capable of cutting through metals as tough as Inconel. It has 3 different axes, making it capable of cutting from 3 different directions for a better design and better accuracy for the part. This also *cuts* down on the time taken for the job, as well. The WaterJet is capable of cutting at up to 500 in/min. The maximum project size that can be done is 12' 2" x 5' 8". There are no noxious gases, liquids, or oils used in, or caused by the machining process. Our process is also environmentally friendly.

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