CNC Machinery

CNC machines, otherwise known as Computer Numerical Control machines, are controlled by programs containing alphanumeric data that describe where and how to make cuts in various materials, as opposed to manual control.

The Machines We Use

We make use of Turning, vertical and horizontal Milling, Gun Drilling EDM, Lathes, Grinders, and WaterJet machines to manufacture parts for our customers. We also make use of Swiss machines that can operate on up to 7 axis. By employing our World Class Manufacturing standards, we make efficient use of both our staff and machinery. 

Machine Abilities

Our machines can effectively mill many different kinds of metal into nearly any desired shape. Our Gun drilling machines are capable of drilling up to 50mm in depth. The main effectiveness of gun drilling is the accuracy in extreme depth to diameter ratio's that we can ensure.


We use microscopic technology to find and remove burrs and inspect them thoroughly using Zeiss Contura CMM machines. You can learn more about our inspection and Six-Sigma Quality process on our Quality page.

Materials We Use

Ferrous Non Ferrous Alloys Plastics
Carbon Steel Aluminum Nickel Alloys ULTEM
Carbon Alloys Titanium Inconel UWPE
Stainless Steel Implant Grade Titanium Hastelloy PEK
Implant Grade Stainless Steel Copper Cobalt Chrome CFRP
Brass Nitralloy PEEK
Notonol L805

Nadcapt CertificationAnab CertificationSai Certification